1. GET PREPARED Before applying for Asylum :

During this period it is very important to get support from a professional, a lawyer or somebody from a counseling point like KUB.

Having a lawyer is also good because she/he can receive the letters from the administration: they can not get lost, so you don’t miss any appointments, and she/he may translate the content for you. If you cannot afford this, you can go to a legal counseling point (email us for details).


You have the right to ask for a women translator! During your asylum interview you should feel free to say anything about your personal life-history without shame or embarrassment, you can take as much time as you need and feel free to make another date if you don’t feel prepared enough. You can even interrupt the interview to ask for a women translator or if you don’t trust the translation: it is your right to have a good translation.

You can also ask your lawyer before the interview, if the women translator working in your branch of Federal Office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is a good civil servant.

We have compiled our other tips in this pdf: WomenSpace_Legal

Here’s a list of useful links and services with regards to applying for asylum:

German Law regarding asylum: According to paragraph § 23 groups of refugees can get asylum. Here is the complete Aufenthaltsgesetz – AufenthG. Asylverfahrensgesetz (AsylVfG) Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG)


PRO ASYL works on a variety of human rights topics affecting asylum seekers and refugees, including advocacy for those with “tolerated” status in Germany. They have put together this useful list: Asylum from A to Z.


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 22.21.20The Contact and Consultation Center for Refugees and Migrants in Berlin-Kreuzberg (KuB) provides support and consultation services for refugees and migrants from all over the world, in matters concerning not only social and residence law, but also psychosocial and other existential questions.


Flüchtlingsrat Berlinfluechtingsratberlin
Georgenkirchstr. 69-70
10249 Berlin

Tel.: (0 30) 2 43 44 57 62
Fax: (0 30) 2 43 44 57 63
E-Mail: buero@fluechtlingsrat-berlin.de

Martina Mauer

Das Büro des Flüchtlingsrats befindet sich im Raum 1407 im Haus des Berliner Missionswerkes (Haus 1), Georgenkirchstraße 70, 4. Etage, Eingang neben der Buchhandlung (Klingeln in der 4. Etage).
Die FR-Sitzungen finden i.d.R. im Haus 1, Raum 1203 statt (Klingeln an der Pforte oder in der 2. Etage).

Tram: M 4 (drei Stationen ab Alexanderplatz bis “Am Friedrichshain”)
Bus: 200, 142

Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Flüchtlingsrat Berlin keine Beratung in seinem Büro anbietet. Wenn Sie Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen möchten, scheiben Sie am besten eine E-Mail oder rufen uns an. Telefonische Sprechzeiten sind i.d.R. Mo-Fr 10 – 16 Uhr.

  • re_topThe Refugees Emancipation Project is a project initiated by asylum seekers. The Project’s goals are to improve the quality of life of Refugees in Germany by using the Internet as a tool to reduce their isolation, connecting them with each other, with their homelands, and with their local community. The Project’s website provides a platform where refugee issues, advocacy information and personal stories can be published.