Building knowledge to end violence against women / Construyendo conocimiento juntas para poner fin a la violencia contra las mujeres

Following the recommendation of Silvia Federici, we are sharing the website, It is organized by women “who want to create a common space for feminist research and thinking about violence against women and new forms of capital accumulation.” –  More from the about description in the website:

“Our aim is to build and share knowledge and analyses as a part of the resistance to this violence.

Our website is  focused on two main themes: violence and resistance. All the materials are organized to show the form that the violence takes, its causes, and forms of resistance to it.We encourage international feminist contributions including, articles, reports, translations, visuals, news and events relevant to this project.//—–…..Nuestro proyecto es crear un espacio comun feminista para investigar y compartir saberes sobre la violencia contra las mujeres y las nuevas formas de acumulacion capitalista (o del capital) como forma de resistencia.”


International Women* Space is a feminist, anti-racist political group in Berlin with refugee and migrant women* and non-migrant women* as members.

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