The Future is OURS! – IWS Speech at Rage, Resistance, Revolution! Demo, 25th November 2022

Ann speaks for International Women* Space at the Rage, Resistance, Revolution! Demo organised by the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists Berlin on 25th November 2022.

IWS RADIO #15 | Ukraine: BIPoC refugees are fleeing the same bombs but don’t get the same treatment

On February, 24, 2022, the Russian army attacked Ukraine forcing millions of people to flee their homes seeking safety and protection within Ukraine itself or to neighboring countries. Faced with such an emergency, European countries decided quickly and without much bureaucracy that Ukrainian refugees would receive temporary protection for up to three years without having to apply for asylum, with rights to a residence permit and access to education, housing and the labor market. However, not all people fleeing Ukraine could access such freedom of movement or protection. Black and brown refugees were met with a different kind of welcome at the borders and beyond them.
To talk about this situation Jennifer Kamau speaks with Nora Brezger from the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin and Dalís Pacheco Salcedo, from the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Drastische Maßnahmen: Geflüchtete besetzen Baum auf dem Oranienplatz

Berlin - Mit ihrer Aktion fordern die Aktivist*innen für Bleiberecht den Berliner Senat auf, ein Landesaufnahmeprogramm für afghanische Geflüchtete zu erlassen.

Our life our resistance, break the silence break the system | 8th March 2021 Demo

Our struggle has been here all along and is connecting us around the whole world. We stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder together. Because the fight of each sister* is the fight of all sisters*. Let us show our determination and autonomy beyond borders. Another world is possible.

Let’s be organized.
Let’s be uncompromising.
Let’s dream big.
Let’s stand up.

Herbstseminare BeVisible 2020: Anti-Black Racism and Resistance through Self-organization

On 11. December 2020, Jennifer from IWS gave a talk on anti-Black racism and resistance through self-organizing for the third event of the BeVisible Herbseminare series organized by Trixiewiz e.V.