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The Future is OURS! – IWS Speech at Rage, Resistance, Revolution! Demo, 25th November 2022

Ann speaks for International Women* Space at the Rage, Resistance, Revolution! Demo organised by the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists Berlin on 25th November 2022.

“We then flew all the way to Nairobi, still restricted in cuffs.” – report of the deportation to Kenya on 26.10.2022

Statement Concerning Illegal Deportation From Leipzig, Germany To Nairobi, Kenya on 26.10.2022 at 0055 Hrs via Evelop Airlines, SL (EVE 735)

Pressemitteilung: Menschenunwürdige Massenabschiebung nach Kenia am 26. Oktober!

In der Nacht vom 25./26. Oktober fand eine Sammelabschiebung nach Kenia statt. Rund 100 Personen aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet wurden in den frühen Morgenstunden in Halle/Leipzig gesammelt und mit einem Flug der Gesellschaft Iberojet nach Nairobi abgeschoben - gegen ihren Willen und ohne jegliche Vorankündigung. Dies ist nur eine der vielen Abschiebungen, die unter anderem nach Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Monrovia, Pakistan, Georgien, Serbien, Albanien, Bulgarien und in andere Teile Osteuropas stattfinden.

Bringing people together – Angela Davis meets feminists, community activists at Familiengarten

On the 6th of October 2022 Angela Davis met with several groups of women* from different parts of the world based in Berlin . The meeting, organised by International Women* Space at Stadtteilzentrum Familiengarten in Kreuzberg was about sharing views and perspectives on different feminist struggles around the world.

“Hello everybody. This is a report on the deportation situation currently, from the Lager in Borgsdorf” – Lager Reports, October 2022

The lager reports are a compilation of audio messages recorded by women living in different shared accommodation facilities for refugees in Berlin and Brandenburg.The reports are coordinated by the Break Isolation Group, a self-organised refugee women only group within International Women* Space. The voices of the lager reports speak to the daily lived experiences of the women living in these facilities as well as addressing current situations, and emerging issues. Topics discussed include general living conditions, access to basic essentials and services, racism, deportations, the COVID-19 pandemic, and many outstanding other issues.

Angela Davis speaks at Oranienplatz, 06.10.22 | O-Platz wird 10 – Baustelle Migration 

International Women* Space is pleased to share with you Angela Davis' speech at Oranienplatz during the arts and culture festival "O-Platz wird 10 - Baustelle Migration" commemorating 10 years of refugee and migrant occupations of O-Platz and the Gerhart-Hauptmann Schule in Berlin Kreuzberg.

OPLATZBOX: The Refugee Movement is the Movement of the 21st Century

An archive of feminist perspectives on the Refugee Resistance Movement. Collectively organized by Jennifer Kamau / International Women* Space with artists and cultural workers from the decolonial feminist network When The Jackal Leaves The Sun

“I’m reporting from Fürstenberg/Havel and I will start with the Ausweis renewal.” – Lager Reports, July 2022

The latest lager reports - audio reports from women living in refugee accommodation centres in and around Berlin - with transcription in English and translation into German.

10 Jahre Oranienplatz – 5. – 9. Oktober 2022 Kunst- und Kulturfestival auf dem O-Platz

Vor 10 Jahren wurde der Oranienplatz und die Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule von einer Geflüchteten-Bewegung besetzt. Wir, International Women* Space, haben uns aus dieser Bewegung gegründet und wollen das gemeinsam mit euch feiern! Vom 5. - 9. Oktober findet unsere Veranstaltung auf dem Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg statt. Wir laden euch alle herzlich ein, Teil des Festivals zu sein. Eine Bewegung lässt sich nicht räumen!

IWS RADIO #15 | Ukraine: BIPoC refugees are fleeing the same bombs but don’t get the same treatment

On February, 24, 2022, the Russian army attacked Ukraine forcing millions of people to flee their homes seeking safety and protection within Ukraine itself or to neighboring countries. Faced with such an emergency, European countries decided quickly and without much bureaucracy that Ukrainian refugees would receive temporary protection for up to three years without having to apply for asylum, with rights to a residence permit and access to education, housing and the labor market. However, not all people fleeing Ukraine could access such freedom of movement or protection. Black and brown refugees were met with a different kind of welcome at the borders and beyond them.
To talk about this situation Jennifer Kamau speaks with Nora Brezger from the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin and Dalís Pacheco Salcedo, from the Universität der Künste Berlin.