Videos by Denise Garcia Bergt

Bringing people together – Angela Davis meets feminists, community activists at Familiengarten

On the 6th of October 2022 Angela Davis met with several groups of women* from different parts of the world based in Berlin . The meeting, organised by International Women* Space at Stadtteilzentrum Familiengarten in Kreuzberg was about sharing views and perspectives on different feminist struggles around the world.

Angela Davis speaks at Oranienplatz, 06.10.22 | O-Platz wird 10 – Baustelle Migration 

International Women* Space is pleased to share with you Angela Davis' speech at Oranienplatz during the arts and culture festival "O-Platz wird 10 - Baustelle Migration" commemorating 10 years of refugee and migrant occupations of O-Platz and the Gerhart-Hauptmann Schule in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Forced to Flee: a student’s journey from war in Ukraine to Berlin

On February, 24, 2022, the Russian army attacked Ukraine forcing millions of people to flee their homes seeking safety and protection within Ukraine itself or to neighbouring countries. European countries quickly rallied to welcome Ukrainian refugees but Black and Brown refugees were met with a different kind of welcome at the borders and beyond. We spoke to Captain about her journey.