Resilient Voices

Resilient Voices is a queer working group within International Women* Space. We were born from the need to have a safer space to address queer issues and topics fueled by systems of oppression including racism, homophobia, transphobia, neo/colonialism, and capitalist structures.

We are working to create intersectional awareness, spaces for political empowerment and possibilities for self-organized education within our communities. Our goals are to make our intersectional struggles and demands visible and acknowledged and to add our queer-feminist perspectives to the Refugee Movement and BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities and collectives.

“To be a bold and proud queer African refugee is to embody audacity in its fullness.”

This speech was written by Anne (who was moderating) and read by Jacky at Internationalist Queer Pride on 22nd June 2023 in Berlin.


The constant that inspires and irks my soul in the same breadth.You see, I am filthy rich in audacity!To be a bold and proud queer African refugee is to embody audacity in its fullness.It takes audacity to proudly bear undeniable and magnificent diversity, while battling prejudice, racialization, discrimination and so much more!It is our fuel to bravely rise above the waves of fear, violence and deathTo break chains of oppression and choking expectationsAudacity fuels the fire we breathe to burn all the boxes society tries to fit us in.

- from a speech written by Anne for Internationalist Queer Pride 2023 in Berlin