Break Isolation Group

IWS’ Break Isolation Group(BIG) is a self-organized refugee women’s working group, formed out of the urgent need for political organization, by and for refugee women, in and out of the German asylum system.

We are a group of asylum seekers living in different accommodation centers in Brandenburg. Isolation and discrimination within the asylum process continue to have an immense negative impact on women’s mental health and wellbeing. We actively reach out to women in order to self-organize and use our own experiences to empower each other as we fight for socio-political justice, equality and respect of fundamental human rights.

Our aim is to bring a change to the current asylum system, abolish the “Lagers” (forced refugee accommodation system) and open all borders.

It’s time we raise our voices as women and say:



Get in touch with BIG: // +49 1520 1721 275

Any general questions for International Women* Space should be sent to

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