The migrant woman experience

IWS Radio is a podcast series on the migrant woman experience brought to you by IWS, the International Women* Space. We are a feminist, anti-racist group of migrant women, refugee women and women without this experience. IWS Radio is a continuation of our work, documenting the lives and stories of refugee and migrant women living in Germany.

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Show Notes

Here you will find transcriptions in English and German translations and relevant links and resources for each episode. Click on the title you want to know more about...

IWS RADIO #13 | Navigating the German Asylum System while Queer and Trans

Marlize, a new IWS member, joins Jennifer to share the ins and outs of navigating the asylum process while also being queer and trans. Marlize gives a detailed glimpse into the entire journey from the initial airport procedures to life in the Lager - and the crucial information and support that enabled her to go through it all. Then shifting from the personal to the political, the two discuss the ways that Germany’s image as a ‘queer haven’ is in stark contrast to the brutal realities facing those seeking asylum as a queer person.

IWS RADIO #12 | Jeju to Berlin: Migration, Racism, and Feminisms in South Korea and Germany

With European countries tightening migration even more after the ‘Summer of Migration’ in 2015, 500 people from Yemen arrived on the South Korean island of Jeju in 2018 seeking asylum. In response, 700 million people signed an online public petition against their asylum acceptance and a constitutional amendment on asylum law. The fierce backlash in South Korea came from not only nationalists - but also people who had declared themselves as feminist. Young-Rong Choo and Aram Lee join to discuss the reckoning this moment sparked for the feminist movement in South Korea and how migration, racism, and feminisms from South Korea to Germany are deeply intertwined.

IWS RADIO #11 | Lesvos to Berlin: Life at the Greek Borders and Living Undocumented in Germany

After a long break, IWS RADIO returns with our first program in 2021. We pick up where we left off: discussing the brutality of the EU border politics. Jennifer is joined by Zahra and Anna - two Berlin-based activists - to talk about the inhumane living conditions created by the EU border and asylum policies in Greece and Germany.

IWS RADIO #10 | EU Border Politics: Dirty Deals, Externalisations & Pushbacks

Syrine from Watch the Med - Alarmphone and Christina from Women* in Exile & Friends join Killa and Jennifer to discuss EU Border Politics and how these policies impact the situation for migrants and refugees in Germany -- and what have to be our strategies to fight back.

IWS RADIO #09 | Migration & Mental Health: Creating Support Networks For Women

Jennifer and Denise discuss with Lucía Muriel and Jasmin Eding about mental health, mental illness, isolation, and torture - and how we can create a support network for migrant and refugee women living in Lagers.

IWS RADIO #08 | Women Organising Against Violence and all Forms of Oppression

Lavenda, Shokoofeh, Shadia, Nujiyan, and Xalteva from the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists Berlin come together for this special IWS RADIO episode ahead of the 25th of November - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - to discuss violences women face and how women are organising against all forms oppressions in their own contexts and through transnational alliances.

IWS RADIO #07 | From “Ausländerklassen” to “Willkommensklassen” – Institutional Racism in Germany’s Schools

Jennifer Kamau from IWS discusses the prevalence of racism in schools in Germany with Céline Barry - a Berlin-based social scientist whose research centers on the topics of racism, feminism and intersectionality in post-colonial contexts.

IWS RADIO #06 | Racism & Resistance: Linking Past, Present & Afrofuture

Dr. Natasha A. Kelly is an academic activist, visualutionist and afrofuturist. She joins Jennifer Kamau from IWS for a deep dive into the history of racism in Germany - the origins and continuities of German (and European) Colonialism and a look at “the other side of the coin”: Black German history. We discuss stories of resistance, the history of Black movements in Germany, the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule occupation and Natasha's latest book - “The Comet - Afrofuturism 2.0”.

IWS RADIO #05 | On Anti-Semitism and Being Jewish in Germany

Sharon from IWS invited Chana Dischereit who is active with the Roma and Sinti Association Baden-Württemberg and the NSU Civil Tribunal, Iris Hefetz from Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East - Germany, and Inna Michaeli - a sociologist and feminist queer activist to share and discuss experiences of being Jewish in Germany, diverse Jewish identities, anti-Semitic conspiracy “theories” and political activism.

IWS RADIO #04 | Fighting Systemic Racism With Anti Discrimination Law

Political activist Sanchita Basu and Green Party parliamentarian Canan Bayram are welcomed by Killa, Jennifer & Denise from IWS to talk about Berlin’s new anti discrimination law that was passed in June: What came before? What type of cases does it cover? What impact could it have? What will it take to see a similar law on the federal level?


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