Forced to Flee: a student’s journey from war in Ukraine to Berlin

On February, 24, 2022, the Russian army attacked Ukraine forcing millions of people to flee their homes seeking safety and protection within Ukraine itself or to neighbouring countries. European…

Meet Artist and Activist Diana Arce

Diana was our guest on the second episode of IWS RADIO: Black Lives Matter! - In The Mediterranean Sea Too. Read here more about her and her work.

Women report on physical violence and sexual harassment in a Lager in Bernburg (Saale)

The story that we are going to tell you today is the story that we, the ladies B, F, H, K, have suffered in Bernburg (Saale), more precisely at Teichweg 6, a home (Heim) for foreign residents.

IWS Sisters – photo series by Heawon / femLENS

I met my international sisters in Berlin when I moved to Germany. We always say “No woman is alone”. This is a message of solidarity with warm spirit of comradeship. They created the only “space”…

Racism & racist violence in Germany from the 90s until now

The beginning of the 90s saw the start of a new wave of racist attacks on migrants in the reunified Germany. Against all of this, resistance was formed. Campaigns were developed, initiatives were…