Dear friends, readers, supporters, et al 🙂

It’s the start of a new year, so we want to look back at a few highlights from the last…

After a couple of years working between different places, we moved into a new space in Manteuffelstraße, Kreuzberg at the end of 2018. We spent 2019 settling in and making the most of what having our own rooms means.

Women* are welcome to drop in on Mondays from 13:00 to 17:00 to say hello, ask us questions or just have a cup of tea! Our books (WE EXIST, WE ARE HERE & IN OUR OWN WORDS) can be bought at the space on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. >>> More about contacting/visiting us here.

Our Break Isolation Group for #BlackLivesMatter – July 2019

Every Friday afternoon our BREAK ISOLATION GROUP meets. The group was formed at the beginning of 2019 by refugee women* for refugee women*: to self organise, to discuss, share and exchange stories, experiences, challenges and struggles. All refugee women who are interested in being active and organising in the refugee women* community are welcome to join. >>> If you are interested, please get in touch: break-isolation[a]!

ALS ICH @ Werkstatt der Kulturen – June 2019

In March, a printed version of the discussions that took place at our ALS ICH NACH DEUTSCHLAND KAM conference was published with UNRAST in collaboration with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung – discussions about migrant guest worker programs, displacement, seeking refuge, racism, and feminist struggles. German speakers/readers can order the book from UNRAST, we are still working on an English version! In June we presented and celebrated the publication with RLS and the Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland at the Werkstatt der Kulturen.

Enough is enough – We live resistance! – 25th November 2019 

Alongside the two big demos that we organise with the Alliance of International Feminists Berlin each year on 8th March & 25th November, we were involved in many different demonstrations, campaigns, panel discussions, book readings and more. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who invited us to join their events and/or collaborated with us on ours. We welcome invitations to present and discuss our work and to join fights against violence, racism, sexism and all kinds of discrimination. >>> Are you planning something in 2020? Get in touch: iwspace[a]!

KIEZBINGO @ SO36 – December 2019

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to all the individuals who have donated money to us, THANK YOU to the organisations that have funded our work and THANK YOU to the organisers of the Soliparties for their time and efforts in raising money for us (and giving us a space to dance!) Without these financial contributions we could not do what we do! “No strings attached” donations are very important for our work as they allow us to be more flexible and autonomous! If you want to support our work in 2020, find out how here!


Liebe Grüße,