In this episode, edna bonhomme speaks with academic activist, artist, filmmaker, and writer Dr. Natasha A. Kelly on the history of Black people in Germany, Black feminism, and the Afro-German movement—the first wave during German colonialism and the second wave in the 1980s with Afro-German poet May Ayim as one of its founders. They also discussed the long ongoing history of Afrofuturism and its roots in the works of Martin Delany and W. E. B. Du Bois, who as Dr. Kelly points out, “wrote speculative fiction and already had the idea of connecting literature to politics, and the idea of liberating Black people. This is the ground essence of Afrofuturism.” Dr. Kelly also addresses how Germany and Europe as a whole cannot be understood without addressing colonialism and imperialism as well as racism within the construct of nation-state itself.

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