Our speech in solidarity with women in Poland fighting government plans to restrict abortion access almost to the point of an outright ban. Lica Stein from IWS read it at the Demo “Techno Procesja – if I Can’t Dance, It’s Not My Revolution” on 7th November in Berlin:

Abortion is the essence of every woman’s right to own her own body! Abortion is a question of public health, and we from the International Women Space stand in total solidarity with the women in Poland and totally against this newly near total ban of abortion in their country!

The approval of the ruling has been delayed and today we are here to recognize our achievements but also to say we will not recognize decisions taken by the body of a supreme court, formed by a majority of religious fundamentalist white men!

Not in Poland, not anywhere! Misogynistic laws must be broken! Violent laws that lead women to perform unsafe abortions must be broken! Because all women know and everybody knows Women DO make abortions and will CONTINUE to make abortions!

We are sure that all these powers in Europe: Governments, Legislators, the catholic church CANNOT care less if women making an abortion is not a white woman! If it’s a migrant! If its a Black woman or a woman of colour.

We call on doctors in Poland and all around the world to go on civil disobedience! And provide safe abortions!

The irony though is that the same people banning abortions for white women would EVEN support sterilization for us migrants. This is how Capitalist patriarchy works and this misoginist system must be held accountable for the Femicide!

Another irony is to see how much empathy is given to foetuses when full grown, living human beings are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe! And no state, no institution care! No church, no defenders of human life care! White apathy is violence! White supremacy kills. Whose lives matter?

We call all internationalist feminists to raise against all misogynistic laws!

Hoch die Internationale Solidarität!

We also attended the demo on 31st October in Berlin – Wir Sind Richtig AngePISsst!:

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