I am Asya Abubakar Abdirahman and for those who know me, I am better known as Captain. I am running for a seat on the Berlin Landersbeitrat für Partizipation (Berlin State Advisory Board for Participation).

I believe it is important to have the voices of the full spectrum of refugees and migrants in the room: From those who were born here to those who just got here – like me. From the ones who have established themselves to those still finding their footing.

That’s why I want to be part of the Landesbeirat: as a refugee who fled the war in Ukraine but also being at the intersection of so much more: I’m a woman, I was born and raised in Africa, Kenya to be specific. I’m a muslim in a hijab. I’ve experienced the erasure and dehumanization of not being considered.

People make decisions based on what they have experienced. No one can bring the views, the need, the hopes, the fears, the demands of those who have no residence permits, who face deportations, who don’t speak or aren’t fluent in the language, whose movements are restricted better than someone who faces those challenges themselves.

If you’re a member of the organisations on the public list of associations of people with a migration history (or are able to reach out to them) I’d appreciate your vote. I’d be steadfast and honoured to represent our voices and our communities. And I am grateful for the opportunity to count on your vote to sit on this board.