The Decolonising the digital rights field in Europe process aims to radically change the current digital rights field in Europe by answering the question: How can digital organising serve justice for all. The process, led by Digital Freedom Fund and EDRi, gathered 30 participants from the digital rights field, social, economic and racial justice organisations, including IW*S, and funders to draft a programme for change.

Within the scope of the process, self-organised working groups focused on relevant parts of their field, met in peer learning sessions to create a “regenerative space”, and organized larger plenary meetings. In this collaborative setting, the path towards possible anti-colonial digital futures was created collectively. The result? A blueprint explaining the process and its learning and a programme, which combine ideas to achieve a digital justice ecosystem and improve activism in the digital realm. A new entity, called Weaving Liberation, will from 2024 onwards coordinate the implementation of the programme.

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