Damals wie heute: Erinnern heißt verändern! – Demo am 27. August 2022 – 14 Uhr – Rostock-Lichtenhagen

The Break Isolation Group of International Women* Space is giving a speech at the Remembering Demonstration in Rostock-Lichtenhagen.


“Then as now: Remembering means changing

Demonstration on August 27, 2022, 2 p.m. in Rostock-Lichtenhagen

On August 27th we will take the streets together to take a stand against racism in Rostock and against oppression everywhere. We remember the racist pogrom that took place in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992. We want to overcome racism that still exists today. We are convinced that together we can change our society for the better.

Our alliance was founded to commemorate the pogrom in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992. Among other things, we organize events on various aspects of this nationwide demonstration.

With the demonstration we demand from politics:

Name and fight racist violence!

The burning „sunflower house“ is still a symbol of right-wing violence in Germany. But it is not only here and not only in 1992 that countless people are injured, killed and traumatized by right-wing and racist violence – Lichtenhagen was and is not an isolated case.

Clearly name the attack in Lichtenhagen in 1992 as a racist pogrom!

Rostock in August 1992. In the Lichtenhagen district, refugees and former contract workers from Vietnam were attacked for three days. The state government and the police did not intervene. It is important to clearly name this state racism with the term „pogrom“.

Stop deportation and right to stay for Romany People and all those affected by racist violence!

From 1992 to the present, conservative parties use racial prejudice to tighten laws against asylum seekers. Many of those, who were affected by Lichtenhagen, were either deported or had to fight for years for a right to stay.

Decentralized housing now! Abolish the reception facility in Nostorf-Horst and all collective Refugee camps!

Horst existes since Lichtenhagen. Far away from shops and other infrastructure, people live here for months or years. The Refugee camp in Nostorf-Horst is one of many collective camps. Collection camps are not good places to live, therefore: Apartments for everyone!

Focus on the perspectives and demands of those affected by racism!

Many people have been fighting against right-wing violence and state racism for decades. It is important that those who experience racism every day help shape the commemoration in a self-determined manner. This is an important prerequisite for processing and remembering.

Rename Neudierkower Weg in Toitenwinkel into Mehmet-Turgut-Weg!

About ten years after the pogrom, Rostock was also the scene of a murder by the terrorist group NSU. To remember that Mehmet Turgut was part of the Rostock city society, the path at the memorial should be named after him.

The alliance „Remembrance of the Pogrom. Lichtenhagen 1992.

The event is finished.