Five FIERCE claims for a Feminist Europe – Pre Electoral Campaign Event

Join us on June 4th from 14:00 to 16:00 CEST for our “Five FIERCE Claims for a Feminist Europe” campaign Pre-Electoral Online Event. With only few days remaining until the EP Elections 2024, candidates and European feminist organizations will discuss their perspectives on spreading FIERCE feminist claims and the campaign’s impact.

The campaign, directed towards candidates for the 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections, is designed to present pivotal claims and advocate for action to ensure the integration of feminist perspectives in the upcoming legislative term. Our goal is to urge prospective MEPs to commit to being accountable to feminist activists and gender scholars.

Organized as part of the Horizon Europe FIERCE project, this communication initiative is the result of a collaborative effort involving more than 25 feminist activists from various movements across eight represented countries (Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey), as well as European feminist networks.

Invited political candidates will share their perspectives and proposals on themes central to the campaign. Additionally, members of feminist organizations will join as discussants to enrich the dialogue.

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