Free legal consultation on Asylum issues, residence permit and tolerated stay.

After organizing 2 events on 28.10.2022 and 04.11.2022 on different ways to obtain a resident permit and means to obtain a secured tolerated stay through a Vocational training (Ausbildungsduldung) and a job (Beschäftigungsduldung), many people had personal questions. 

An event to clarify these personal questions was done successfully on the 11.11.2022, and because of lots of interests, another will be done on the *02.12.2012 at 1.30pm*

A private room will be provided for a one-to-one discussion.

*Please, if you need good counselling for your individual questions, send your questions and even documents to my email address:*

Your information will not be shared with others.

Childcare will be provided and delicious meals.

The event is finished.