Our Revolution is Coming | Revolutionary Internationalist 8th March Demonstration


Call for the Revolutionary Internationalist 8th March 2023 in Berlin

When: 8th march 2023, 2pm

Where: From Frankfurter Tor to Women* Prison in Lichtenberg

Today, oppressed people are rising up all around the world—intertwined with their struggles for liberation, justice, and self-determination. Don’t look away anymore! Our resistance, and we, have been here all along.

We are roaring: from Iran to Palestine, from Sudan to Kurdistan, from Peru to Afghanistan, from Chad to the Philippines, from South Africa to India.

We are enraged: in every corner and on every street street, in the mountains and at the sea, at the borders and in the camps, in every occupied land and territory, in factories, in places of work, in schools, at home and, inside prisons.

We are fighting together, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with one strong fist. We are building an internationalist front to abolish femicide, state violence, dictatorship, patriarchy, imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy.

In the name of our Sisterhood we will create a world without fascism, capitalism, war, sanctions, exploitation, occupation, border regimes, neoliberal policies, the plundering of peoples’ land and resources, any form of elitism, and gendered and sexual violence. This is no longer a dream. This is our resistance, now!

We, Alliance of Internationalist Feminists, believe self-organization and self-defense is our strength. The fight of each sister is the fight of us all. We honor our sisters from the Global South, especially trans women*, working class women*, disabled women*, refugee women*, Black women*, Indigenous women* and women* of Colour who have always been in front, leading the fight.

We Invite all Women, Trans and Non-Binary people to take to the streets together on this 8th March. Let us show our determination and autonomy beyond borders. Let us be loud together in the name of “women*, life, freedom”, in the name of our rage and resistance: OUR REVOLUTION IS COMING!

Alliance of Internationalist Feminists

+ * This asterisk is intended to make clear that there is a whole range of gender identities (not just “female” and “male”) who are experiencing gender violence and feminicide. Historically trans women were excluded from (cis) women spaces. This sign is here to show that we are aware of this topic and that we clearly distance ourselves from every TERF ideology.
++ Cis men are not invited, they are advised to take other actions to stop violence against women*
+++ To all our sisters: Bring your slogans and signs!

The event is finished.


08 Mar 2023


2:00 - 23:00


Frankfurter Tor


Alliance of Internationalist Feminists