The Right to Residence Permit

Before the question ‘if women have the right to work’, is asked, it is important to first find out, if women first of all have basic rights, like the right to live without fear of deportation and the right to live without domestic violence? It is only through a life without violence and having a stable resident permit that women can well plan for the future.

This workshop intends to provide answers to these questions. The following topics will be covered:

Definition of Violence

Types of violence against women with a focus on domestic violence

The granting of residence permits because of domestic violence

The granting of resident permits through other measures

The right to asylum

Support networks

A right to resident because of a vocational course or due to employment

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28 Oct 2022


13:00 - 17:00


Frieda Frauenzentrum
Proskauer Str. 7, 10247 Berlin

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