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“Hello everyone and good afternoon. I’m reporting from Elbe-Elster Landkreis.” – Lager Reports, September 2021

The latest lager reports - audio reports on the situation with coronavirus and other topics from women living in refugee accommodation centres in and around Berlin - with transcription in English and translation into German.

IWS RADIO #13 | Navigating the German Asylum System while Queer and Trans

Marlize, a new IWS member, joins Jennifer to share the ins and outs of navigating the asylum process while also being queer and trans. Marlize gives a detailed glimpse into the entire journey from the initial airport procedures to life in the Lager - and the crucial information and support that enabled her to go through it all. Then shifting from the personal to the political, the two discuss the ways that Germany’s image as a ‘queer haven’ is in stark contrast to the brutal realities facing those seeking asylum as a queer person.

Drastische Maßnahmen: Geflüchtete besetzen Baum auf dem Oranienplatz

Berlin - Mit ihrer Aktion fordern die Aktivist*innen für Bleiberecht den Berliner Senat auf, ein Landesaufnahmeprogramm für afghanische Geflüchtete zu erlassen.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: Respect Refugee Rights, respect the agreement you signed in 2014

Napuli is back in the big tree at Oranienplatz, Kreuzberg - protesting again against the same thing she was in 2014 - denying the rights of refugee action.

Bürger*innenforum Pankow zur Bundestags- und Berlinwahl 2021: Grundrechte, aber nicht für alle?!

Lucy Lavenda Samuel from the Break Isolation Group (BIG) of IWS participated in a citizen's forum at Kultur- und Bildungszentrum Raoul-Wallenberg (KuBiZ) in Berlin-Weißensee on 13. August, 2021 alongside the following groups and activists: Syrine Boukadida (Alarme Phone), Die Urbane, BENN Weissensee, Eric Noel Mbiakeu (We’ll Come United)

Latitude on Air – Black Genocide

Jennifer from IWS was recently on Latitude on Air to discuss “Black Genocide” and the decades of systemic violence against Black people with the team of Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio and Biplap Basu.

IWS RADIO #12 | Jeju to Berlin: Migration, Racism, and Feminisms in South Korea and Germany

With European countries tightening migration even more after the ‘Summer of Migration’ in 2015, 500 people from Yemen arrived on the South Korean island of Jeju in 2018 seeking asylum. In response, 700 million people signed an online public petition against their asylum acceptance and a constitutional amendment on asylum law. The fierce backlash in South Korea came from not only nationalists - but also people who had declared themselves as feminist. Young-Rong Choo and Aram Lee join to discuss the reckoning this moment sparked for the feminist movement in South Korea and how migration, racism, and feminisms from South Korea to Germany are deeply intertwined.