GRM Special Lecture
“Grassroots Feminism Activity of IWS”


Date: January 19 (Fri.), 2018
Time: 14:55-16:25
Venue: Shikoan SK203, IMADEGAWA (Karasuma) Campus, Doshisha University

Speaker: Denise Garcia Bergt (International Women’s Space Berlin)

Speaker’s profile:
Denise Garcia Bergt was born in Brazil and is a journalist and political activist who lives in Berlin. In 2012 she directed and released the feature documentary film „Residenzpflicht“ about the situation of refugees in Germany and their fight against the asylum system. In 2012, together with other feminist activists she co-founded the International Women Space , which in 2015 released the book „ In our own words“ and in 2016, together with the Freie Universität Berlin the book „Living in Refugee Camps in Berlin: Women’s Perspectives and Experiences“ . In 2017, IWS organized the conference „When I came to Germany“ , where guest workers, contract workers, migrant and refugee women from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and from today shared their experiences. Currently IWS is working on a second book with testimonials of refugee women as well as on a second book with the Freie Universität.

*For students and teachers of Doshisha University only, advance registration is required due to limited seating capacity.
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The Reality of Women Refugees
Perspective from Africa, Europe and Middle East


Date: 18 January (Thu.), 2018
Time: 13:00-18:10
Venue: SK119, Shikokan, IMADEGAWA (Karasuma) Campus, Doshisha University

13:00-13:10  Reception

13:10-13:30   Introduction 
Masanori Naito
Professor, Graduate School of Global Studies

13:35-14:35   Presentation / Q&A session I
Denise Garcia Bergt
Co-founder/Journalist/Political Activist, IWS Berlin

14:45-15:45   Presentation / Q&A session II
Ako Muto
Senior Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute

15:55-16:55   Presentation / Q&A session III
Chigumi Kawaguchi
Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute

17:00-18:00   Discussion

18:00-18:10   Closing Remarks

Chairperson: Asuka Umemoto (PhD student, Doshisha University)
Discussant: Hiromi Masaki (Master student, Doshisha University)