On 10th January 2019, IWS attended the opening of the exhibition “Sprachlos Vielstimmig” (“Speechless with many voices”) at Korea-Ver­band e.V. about the survivors of sexualised violence. 

During the Asia-Pacific War (1937-1945), about 200,000 girls and women were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military. The euphemistic name “comfort women” contained the idea that soldiers threatened with death should be “comforted” with sexual services. The majority of abducted women did not survive the systematic and brutal abuse. The Japanese government still refuses to recognise it as a war crime. 

The exhibition focuses on the continuity of sexualised violence not only in times of crisis and war, but also in peacetime.

Denise from IWS spoke about the co-operation between Korea-Verband and IWS, including working together in the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists organising the demonstrations on 25th November and 8th March, ongoing collaboration with the AG “Trostfrauen” (“Comfort Women” Working Group), and the preface of our upcoming book “Als Ich Nach Deutschland Kam” contributed by AG founder Nataly Jung-Hwa Han. 

The exhibition is open until 8th March, Thursdays 5-8pm and Sundays 2-6pm. Further visits are possible on request. 
More information in German here: https://www.koreaverband.de/blog/2018/12/17/mueon-daeon-sprachlos-vielstimmig/