Speech by Jennifer Kamau from International Women* Space at the demonstration In Gedenken an Hanau: Gegen rechten Terror und Rassismus! on 20.02.2020 in Berlin.

We, the International Women* Space would like to show our solidarity with the families of the nine victims of the terrorist attack in Hanau last night! And like many other people we are angry, but not surprised!

This terrorist attack was not done by a lone wolf. This terrorist was very active online. His messages were sent in german and also in english to different racist platforms. It is impossible to believe the police, the secret service had never spotted him and if they knew of his existence and plans we can only conclude that the police is complicit and the state is incompetent.

It is very difficult to believe that after the NSU Murders, the Halle attack, the assassination of Walter Lübcke, and now Hanau, that the state has not found a way to properly address Germany’s racism problem.

We refugees are tired of hearing about 2015, when Merkel let refugees crossed the border of Germany. Since then the discourse is that BECAUSE of the refugees because of 2015, the AFD got stronger
that racist attacks increased because of our presence BULLSHIT!!! Racism is a problem in this country! Right extreme groups are a problem in this country and this DID NOT start in 2015

We urgently need stricter laws against racism and racist crimes. We need you all to hold your relatives, friends, acquaintances accountable for their racism.

We need to seriously address the issue of racism and understand how many we are. Because Hanau murders are showing us how freely extremists are organising in Germany.

And don’t forget, refugees are NOT your scapegoat! This has nothing to do us!


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