Dear Companheiras and Companheirxs of the Liebig34,

We, the International Women* Space, are very proud of you!

We see and admire your struggle and we recognize ourselves in it!

In 2014, the racist capitalist system came represented by more than a thousand cops and tried to evict us from the Gerhart-Hauptmann School!

They didn’t succeed, they simply lost a million of Euros trying to evict a movement!

We hope that will be the case with you!

At the time we were surprised with our strength. Because we were not born the strong women we became! We struggled and we fought all along the way to build our strength in order to fight capitalist patriarchy, its misogyny, classism and racism.

These expressions of capitalism that we experience in our everyday lives now come in the shape of this man Padovicz, who clearly hates the likes of us and cares for nothing but money. Padovicz is a serious predator and should be treated as such, but instead the state gives him the chance to make millions and to protect his right to accumulate more millions.

And again, we see the state sending thousands of cops to defend a property Padovicz decided is his. All that this man represents and the complicity of the state are simply disgraceful, to say the least!

Companheirxs, the fight must continue and our struggle is historical!
Your house, our movement are a way out of this racist capitalist madness!!
We are angry! We are livid each time we see these power junkies that oppress us trying to stop people living self-determined lives!

Let’s transform our anger into energy and let’s not allow any rich asshole to come and take our sense of belonging, our sense of identity and purpose! Because no amount of money can show the value of it. You can’t put a price tag on us!

The whole city should join this struggle and wreak civil disobedience, coming together to protect not only the house of the Liebig 34, but the idea of this space!

Whatever you are doing now and will do in a few days, make sure you are making history and adding a new chapter to the rich feminist movement that brought us so much since women, queers, and trans folks decided to get together and fight back!

We are in so much fucking solidarity with you!!!

International Women* Space