On the occasion of 25th of November, the Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women, the gender and migration working group of WIDE+ met in Berlin to discuss the persistence of violence against migrant women in Europe, and to plan and create a collective response and resistance against violence, in all its aspects – gender-based, structural and/or institutional violence.

IWS RADIO invited a few participants from different European countries, to share the stories of their respective and common struggles, to speak about their political work and organisations. Listen to hear stories of migrant women making a difference.

Moderated by Jennifer Kamau and Denise Garcia Bergt from IWS.

With music by Vivir Quintana and Soundz Of the South.

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Marija Pantelić has been a part of NGO Atina’s team for 10 years now, with extensive experience in work with women and girls. Marija has also been involved in building capacities of other actors working with the refugee population and was among the facilitators of Atina’s training on the topic of child protection and intersectional cooperation.  > atina.org.rs

Silvina Monteros Obelar is a migrant from Argentina, and has lived in Spain for 25 years. She has a PhD in Social Anthropology and is a professor at the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Granada. She is a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Network.  > redlatinas.es

Silvia Dumitrache works in the social, cross-cultural and communication fields. A Romanian native, living in Italy since 2003, she is the founder and president of the Romanian Women’s Association in Italy – ADRI, voluntarily coordinates a transnational project in support of migrant families, is constantly involved in social solidarity, networking, facilitation, and advocacy activities for assuming responsibility to safeguard the rights of children, women and the transnational families. > adriassociazione.wordpress.com

Nancy Contreras is from Mexico and is living in Sweden since 1997. She holds a master degree in Environmental Science at Gothenburg University. She is employed as coordinator for ethnic associations at Workers Educational Association ABF (Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund), a civil organisation in Sweden. She coordinates and develops study circles to improve association’s knowledge within the “folkbildning” Swedish adult education method. She is a board member of GADIP, a non governmental organisation working on topics of gender and development established 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden. > gadip.se  /  > starkakvinnor.org. /  > facebook.com/starkakvinnorsyatelje

Nurhidayah Hassan is currently supporting the migration and gender working group of WIDE+ as programme coordinator. She has several years of experience as a project manager and a university lecturer, working within the contexts of Europe and Southeast Asia. She is actively working at the intersections of civil society and academia, advocating for the rights of migrant women and building the knowledge and research skills of social sciences university students. > wideplus.org


Photos by Denise Garcia Bergt


Vivir Quintana – Canción sin miedo ft. El Palomar – Vivir Quintana is a Mexican singer and composer. Her song “Canción sin miedo” (a song without fear) has become a feminist hymn against gendered violence and femicide.

Soundz of the South – Cape Town to Berlin – Soundz of the south is an anarchist collective that is anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and anti-sexist. They connect all the different strains of struggles and form this cool hip hop collective based in South Africa. The song is about solidarity with struggles from the south to the global north.

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