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More than 10 thousand women* on the streets on the 8th of March! See for yourself!

Music in the video: Perrxs del Futuro


CALL: 8M 2022 Demo – Alliance of Internationalist Feminists


We are calling for an internationalist 8th of March – to join forces in a common fight against the oppressions caused white supremacy. Internationalist solidarity means that our struggles are connecting us around the World. We are everywhere, We are resisting: in every street, in every occupied land, in the mountain, on the sea, at the border, in Working places, at home, in the lager, and inside prisons. Oppression has a thousand faces and we do not accept any of them. We will continue fighting and defending ourselves against all forms of structural, political, social, and economic violence and injustice. That is why they are afraid of us and use all kinds of repression against us. So be afraid, because we are not backing down!

We are loud, we are clear:
Our resistance will break your borders and will smash your fascism.

White supremacist imperialism is destroying lives, using the pretense of “human rights” to legitimize war, occupations, detention centers, and blood-drenched borders. People at the EU borders are criminalized, imprisoned, and dehumanized by EU-funded border police and fascist paramilitary forces. Their pushbacks kill people. These are illegal crimes against humanity committed by EU governments. It is not the people at the borders who are the threat, it is the lies and illegal crimes of the governments that threaten our societies.

There is them, and there is us.
They export arms, fund wars, and bloodshed. They create crises that they greatly profit from.
They want us to believe that the reason they kill and exploit us is to save us.
They have borders, but we have resistance.
Enough of exploiting our bodies, our lands, and our resources!
Enough of killing us on the borders, in the sea, and on the land!
Enough with the femicides!
Enough of patriarchal impunity!

We, the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists, know that self-organization and self-defense are our indestructible strength in fighting against imperialism, fascism, capitalism, patriarchy, and White supremacy. Only an internationalist resistance will put an END to colonial borders and imperialist agendas.

Video: International Women* Space / Denise Garcia Bergt