Recently, mass mobilizations of women* in Kenya against femicide have taken place. On January 27th, the Anti-Femicide March was organized in Nairobi. IW*S’ Jennifer Kamau marched with thousands of women in Nairobi. This was the largest event ever held in the country against sexual and gender-based violence.

Kenyan media reports that at least 14 women have recently been murdered this year alone. At least 500 cases of femicide have been recorded in Kenya since 2016, many more go unreported. Being a woman should not be a death sentence.

Including this, feminists in Kenya transformed Valentine’s Day to continue demanding for justice. On this day, we remembered our lost sisters, the victims of femicide. We put pressure on Parliament to answer to our demands on the #EndFemicideKE statement. We stand together in solidarity and honor the lives lost to femicides.

Say Their Names! End sexual and gender-based violence! Protect Queer Kenyans! We are not safe!
Thank you to the organizers @usikimye_ @feministsinkenya

Photo credits: Cindy Mukami