These words were written on a banner that hung on the walls of the Women* Space inside the occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann School – the space out of which International Women* Space was born. As women*, as refugee women*, migrant women*, as Black women*, as Women* of Colour, we address our struggles through an intersectional lens. Our chains were created and are maintained by interlocking systems of oppression. We cannot fight the patriarchy without fighting racism, we cannot address racism, without addressing capitalism. We cannot campaign against climate change without speaking about land theft, Indigenous rights and labor relations. Our struggles here are connected to the struggles of women* in Palestine or Afghanistan, in Sudan or South Sudan, in Rojava or Tigray, in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Kenya, in Haiti or Brazil, and in many other places across the world. We speak about and unite all of these issues as part of our feminist, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonial struggles!

International Women* Space (IW*S) is a refugee and migrant-led feminist, anti-racist self-organised group, based in Berlin, Germany. Our feminisms are intersectional and internationalist, we stand for resistance, representation, empowerment and solidarity.