COVID9: Migrant women in Europe resisting increased abuse and precariousness

This online discussion will reflect on the different experiences of migrant women and girl’s resulting from COVID19 measures, as this has increased abuse, precariousness, isolation, etc. It is part of a series of two online discussion that will be available in English and Spanish.

The series will detail how migrant women and girls -refugees, workers or part of family reunification, undocumented, etc.- have worked together to provide essential support, safe spaces, and collective action through campaigning and advocacy. It will outline experiences in Germany, Spain, Serbia and Belgium and Europe, including providing political recommendations, in particular for the EU recovery fund.


Jennifer Kamau
Co-founder of International Women Space (IWS) @Germany
IWS is an anti-racist feminist group consisting of refugee and migrant women as well as women without this experience. The group was formed during the occupation of Oranienplatz (a square in Berlin’s district of Kreuzberg) and the Gehart-Hauptmann School in Berlin-Kreuzberg. IWS fosters solidarity and cooperation among migrant women, publishes books and organizes campaigns, protests and conferences on the topics of seeking asylum and migrant women’s struggles. In 2017, IWS organized a two-day conference in Berlin “Als ich nach Deutschland Kam” (When I came to Germany). IWS is supporting women in asylum centres, among others, during the COVID pandemic.

Siempre VZW @Belgium
SIEMPRE: Science – Integrity – Empowerment – Mobility-Renewable & Educational Projects, was formally put on the move in May, 2017 whose objective is to make visible and offer support to Latinas women networking, to promote their skills and endorse her to be part in their community. The speaker will reflect on migrant women facing violence, as violence increased during the pandemic and barriers for support increased as well.

Julissa Jauregui
Alianza por la Solidaridad @Spain
Jauregio will be reflecting on two campaigns, one around rights for migrant women domestic workers done around the past 31 march, “#CuidaAQuienTeCuida ( “take care of those who take care of you”), and an ongoing campaign #RegularizaciónYa, (Regularization Now) which is supported by around 900 organizations in Spain for the regularization of migrants living in Spain.


The event is finished.

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