¡Mash Up! – Multigender / Multiworld- Irradiate yourself party!

A part of the party’s profit goes to International Women* Space!!!


ILLAY – Oriental indie pop (Tel Aviv)
Chernobyl – Brazilian funk, vogue, house (São Paulo)

Eric Oliveira & Slim Soledad – Chernobyl b2b DJ-set
Grace Kelly – world wide dancefloor
NARA – tropical bass

Toxina Matamalas

… and more delicious surprises…


¡MASH-UP! Multigender / Multiworld is really glad to welcome you again to its summer season in RaumErweiterungsHalle. Israeli queer singer and cellist ILLAY and her band will be playing live some Middle-Eastern up-tempo songs from her album Sabotage. Along with it, there will be a live-act/DJ-set showcase with Brazilian queer-political collective Chernobyl (friends with queer hurricane Linn da Quebrada), bringing some radioactive funk, vogue and house to the dancefloor.

Vive la différence! We are a bunch of people of different nationalities, colours, creeds and backgrounds. We live and love life, diversity, intersections and multiple identities, walking through different spheres at the same time. ¡MASH-UP! – Multigender / Multiworld is a platform to get together, exchange ideas, feel good, have fun and empower transtropical, postcolonial and nonconformist queers and their friends. We dream of a world without borders.


ILLAY comes from Israel, lives in Berlin, and finds inspiration wherever joy encounters melancholy. Cellist and singer ILLAY’s haunting lyrics and unusual compositions create music that invite you to dance as much as to contemplate.
Watch video: https://youtu.be/wdN8RxOV0N0

ILLAY’s multi-cultural upbringing, energetic personality and innovative style has led to her recently supporting German singer- songwriter Astrid North, forming and touring with the electroacoustic trio MOJOY, and composing music for dance performances and film soundtracks, including the award-winning Israeli documentary Winding.

ILLAY’s album Sabotage (Oriental indie pop) was released in October 2018. Created in the heart of Tel Aviv, the album includes ILLAY’s inner circle of professional musicians who all joined forces to produce the album in a makeshift studio within only a month’s time. The result is an engaging mix of melodies sung in English, Hebrew and French, and shaped by Eastern and Western influences that include classical, contemporary, and electronic music. It is full of ethereal and soulful lyrics set to rhythms that embrace pop music, Middle-Eastern disco, West African beats, and much more. All this leads to a creative debut that strikes an interesting balance that is both delicate and powerful, much like the performer herself.

“In [Illay’s] complex compositions and forthright lyrics, she unfolds a parallel world in which one can laugh without forgetting to weep and vice versa.”
TAZ Magazine, Germany

“Her music, at times, borders on the avant garde, making it startling and full of surprises.”
– Marvin Glenn, Ezra magazine




Chernobyl is meeting.
Chernobyl is party.
Chernobyl is power.
Chernobyl is resistance.
Chernobyl is network building.
Chernobyl is the resignification of our catastrophes.
Chernobyl is also radiation.

They are the radioactive elements of contamination of the imposed order. They are the chemical element that will erode the viscera of patriarchy, of normativity, of cisnormativity
they are the Chernobyl movement.

Chernobyl is an experimentation in a DJ-set/performance developing from a “cage with green gore”. An LGBTQI+ collective from São Paulo, they refer to the city of Chernobyl, in which a nuclear accident occurred, causing many deaths and genetic deformities in several generations of people who lived in its vicinity. In Brazil many people are called Chernobyl as a pejorative term indicating a deformity, being these: queer, tranny fag, fat, black, among other dissenting performativity of the cis heteronormative white pattern.

Eric Oliveira is one of the protagonists of the collective and has already suffered many attacks on their social networks being called Chernobyl reminding that she would have come from a place where her body had gone beyond an acceptable form. The experiment relies precisely on re-naming the name by showing the potential these dissident bodies have over society. The “cage” is basically our bodies that cannot have contact with other people, because they are radioactive forms and in reaching/interacting with the social pattern, ends up contaminating other people in society.


The event is finished.


06 - 07 Jul 2019


22:30 - 6:00


Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin


Mash-Up - Multigender / Multiworld

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