Justice for Rita!

Rally in front of the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior in Potsdam-
Henning-von-Tresckow-Str. (10 Min. walking from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof)

On 7th of April 019, our sister Rita Awour Ojunge, disappeard leaving behind two small kids. She was 32 years old, from Kenya and had been living in Germany for more than 7 years in the Lager of Hohenleipisch. It took the police 3 months to discover her remains in the forest near the Lager. Even to start looking for her despite the reports of many of her friends and neighbors, it took a call from Berlin police to make the Brandenburg police to even start looking for her seriously. Up to date no details surrounding the circumstances of her death were released officially.

As refugee women* we are exposed to all kinds of violence from men both inside and outside the Lagers, from fellow refugees, from security personnel, from German citizens living in the area. Violence against women*, abuse, harassment are a global phenomenon in this sexist and racist world. But just imagine Rita would have been a white woman with a German passport.

We call for justice for Rita and also we need to know how she disappeared from her room in the Lager leaving the kids behind with a neighbor whose statements were very contradictory.

We will gather in front of the interior ministry to intensify the urgency of action against violence against women* and to demand better protection.

We would like all people, no matter of which race, gender or religion to join us in solidarity. Let’s stand up together!

We demand the government to take into serious consideration the women refugee complaints, for example concerning security and housing.

The Lagers in Brandenburg are not a safe place for Women* and children. The Lager of Hohenleipisch has to be closed immediately.

No Lager for Women and Children! Abolish all Lagers!

The event is finished.


27 Aug 2019


14:30 - 17:00
Potsdam- Henning-von-Tresckow-Str.


Potsdam- Henning-von-Tresckow-Str.


Women in Exile & Friends

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