Herbstseminare BeVisible 2020: Anti-Black Racism and Resistance through Self-organization

On 11. December 2020, Jennifer from IWS gave a talk on anti-Black racism and resistance through self-organizing for the third event of the BeVisible Herbseminare series organized by Trixiewiz e.V.

“Covid is one more challenge we are having to deal with in a world that is historically brutal to women”

IWS' speech, read by Lavender Samuel at the SOLIDARITY IS NOT ENOUGH - IT IS ABOUT RESISTANCE demo on the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women* - 25th November 2020

Abortion is the essence of every woman’s right to own her own body! – in solidarity with women in Poland

IWS speech at "Techno Procesja - if I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution" Demo by Dziewuchy Berlin on 7th November, 2020 in Berlin. Abortion is the essence of every woman’s right to own her own body! And we from the International Women Space stand in total solidarity with the women in Poland and totally against this newly near total ban of abortion in their country!

Wir – Gespräche zum demokratischen Alltag in Berlin | Interview with Jennifer Kamau

Jennifer Kamau from IWS talks about her life as a political activist, reflects on her family history and growing up in Nairobi and discusses her involvement in the Berlin Oranienplatz movement.

“How Can We Win?” – Kimberly Jones

Kimberly Jones is an African-Amerian prolific novelist, director, human rights activist, and brilliant thespian who has become a change-agent within the literary world and in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter x HÖR Fundraising for IWS

Here you can see Jennifer Kamau talk about our work before Juba's set at the Black Lives Matter x HÖR Fundraising event.

In the shadow of Corona: Police Violence against women and children in a Lager in Brandenburg

On June 1st a women, who lives in a Lager* in Brandenburg sent us an alarming video-clip, recorded on the day before. The video depicts a police-operation in the Lager: In a small corridor several police officers are pinning down a woman on the floor, other officers are securing the site, many residents (including children) can be heard screaming.

We will never stop to organize, to protest, to demand justice for those killed by racists | Aktionstag 8. Mai

Speech by Jennifer Kamau from International Women* Space at the Demo Aktionstag 8. Mai with Aktionsbündnis Antira - ABA: Today we are here to remember the 8th of May, the German liberation from the fascists. The victims in Hanau, of the NSU, the murder of Oury Jalloh, of Rita Awuor Ojunge and many other unsolved cases are here to show us that racism is a weapon of mass destruction.

Protest in Zeiten von Corona: Gegen Abschiebung, Verdrängung, und Unterdrückung

Motto: Die Zeit steht nicht still – Achtsamer Protest in Zeiten von Corona und Ausnahmezustand. Die Protestierenden sammelten sich einzeln und in Zweiergruppen, hielten 2 Meter Abstand und trugen überwiegend Mundnasenschutz. Nach 30 Minuten lösten die Versammelten ihren Protest auf. Vorher hatte die Polizei aufgefordert die Versammlung zu beenden.